Chie Ayado / Jazz Singer


Chie Ayado appeared in the jazz scene seemingly out of nowhere. Being a very short (147cm) and thin (40kg) house keeper in her 40's, she released her 1st AlbumFor All We Knowin 1998 .


After only 4 months, she released her 2nd album, entitledYour Song. Her performances at jazz clubs became a hot topic among jazz fans.LIFE,  released a year later in 1999, had a huge impact not only among jazz fans but also across the music world. It was the first album featuring only her voice with her own piano accompaniment. Even though it was a simplistic album,LIFEcrossed many genres like jazz, blues, pop, rock and all of her other musical influences. Moreover,LIFEwas inspired by Chie Ayados own life experiences. At that time, she rose to become one of the top artists in Japan.


In 2000, she released her 4th album,Natural, which featured her most popular original song,Get into My Life. In 2003, her 5th album,To You, was another solo album which she again accompanied herself on piano. On her 6th albumShine, she collaborated with the top musicians from America and Cuba. In 2004, she released her 7th and 8th albums called "TIME" and "SEVEN" respectively.


Tickets for her concerts have been calledthe hottest selling ticketsamong many hundreds of concerts all around Japan. Her singing along with how she engages audiences has made for countless joy and laughter-filled performances filled. Today, her unique shows still engage audience's hearts and minds with her wide repertoire spanning across jazz, gospel, soul, rock , pop and J-pop.


In 2014, she decided to leave her management office and record company and establish her own label calledMYDO. She released the album "Picture in a Frame" which was inspired by a return to her deep roots of her own life . In 2015, with the albumDO JAZZ, she bravely challenged her jazz roots. She visited L.A. for the first time in 40 years which is where she started her American life and recorded this album.


In 2017, to celebrate her 60th birthday and 20 years of her career as a jazz singer, she released her 23rd Album "DO JAZZ Gokko". She held a memorial concert at Tokyo International Forum. Today, without missing a beat, she continues to perform and entertain audiences with her own brand of energetic and enjoyable jazz singing.